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The Wolf rank is for Scouts who have finished first grade (or who are 8 years old). To earn the Wolf badge, a Scout must complete six required adventures and one elective adventure. The Scout’s parent or guardian and den leader approves each requirement by signing the Scout’s book, and the Scout receives an adventure loop for each adventure. Once all requirements are met, the Wolf badge is presented to the parent or guardian at the next pack meeting. During an impressive ceremony, the parent or guardian then presents the badge to the Scout.

After earning the Wolf badge, a Wolf Scout can work on the remaining 12 Wolf electives until finished with the second grade (or turning 9 years old). The Scout can choose elective adventures and discover new hobbies or learn skills that will be useful during the Scouting adventure. When an elective adventure is completed, an additional adventure loop to be worn on the belt is awarded.




2017-2018 Wolves

Den Leader – Emily Taylor

Assistant Den Leader – Tabitha Hannah

Assistant Den Leader – Keith Dobbins


We have 12 very active scouts in our pack. We are working to meet our requirements for our advancement.

Our new wolves that have joined us this year are working on their Bobcat Badge requirements learning the scout oath, scout pledge, and other things that are required.

On 10/3/2017 Wolves will be taking a tour of the Veterans Museum to meet one of our requirements.

They have completed a Flag Ceremony to learn how to properly fold and raise a flag, and how to properly display the flag.

Also they have discussed the items we would need and use when camping.


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